introducing Virtual Reality Wizards Studios

About Wizards

We are a team of XR/VR experts that creates virtual reality products which do wonders for our clients’ businesses.



Our species stands at crossroads.

Dissatisfaction with the "regular" reality translates into a trend to jump into the abyss of alternative reality, which often alleviates personal issues, at least temporarily. It is contrasted by the social movements which try to reduce the involvement of technology in daily life and keep the focus on the real experience.

Standing at the frontier of Virtual Reality technology, we recognize the arguments from both sides. We believe that the development of Virtual Reality technology should significantly accelerate, but must be used as a force of good, liberation, and prosperity, not a mere escape tool.

We apply our expertise to create unique and often unimaginable solutions for businesses that have a positive impact on the real world. That's why we carefully choose the projects we work on, and we only align ourselves with like-minded clients.

We are the VR Wizards, and we are dedicated to using our magic for good.

Rafał Siejca President | Founder