We harness the VR/XR technology to give your products or services marketing they deserve in the XXI century.  

What we do?

Our domain is Extended Reality (XR). It’s more than just virtual reality, it’s also augmented and mixed reality. It is all these realities connected. We are up to date with the latest technology, cooperate with leading hardware manufacturers, and create software for hardware that has not yet entered the market.

Our virtual worlds are fascinating, visually attractive and refined, and in our creations there is no simulator disease plaguing poorly implemented VR.

In order to achieve a true depth of creation, we care about designing a network of engaging interactions, using the best quality of models, materials, lighting, as well as positional and spatial sound. We always carry out appropriate research, learn about the subject, and cooperate with experts in the field for which we prepare a solution.

By paying attention to each and every detail we are able to maintain the user’s attention and interest through the entire time of his or her stay in the virtual world. In fact, we create virtual worlds so engaging that users forget that these worlds do not really exist. While being immersed in our designs, time passes imperceptibly: 70% of respondents underestimate the actual time passed by half.


In our daily work, we use software for animation, modeling, and creating dedicated materials from many textures what allows for dynamic reactions to changes in lighting, reflections, or generating different surfaces. The end-result is optimized for use with 3D game engines and allows for real-time operation with a stable, high-frame rate, at maximum resolutions and HDR tonal ranges.

We use modern and creative techniques, such as: Photogrammetry and 3D scanning – both objects and entire building complexes using drones. We model based on technical plans, photos and other materials. Furthermore, we use the most advanced technologies available, such as eye tracking and attractor maps to make the view inside our creations of the highest quality and the interaction with the environment as intuitive as possible. We are also familiar with artificial neural networks and cryptography which come in handy in certain types of projects.

For marketing and advertising purposes, we can place branding and product placement inside a VR creation. We also have the capacity to fulfill unusual orders with non-obvious integrations that expand VR capabilities, such as Kinect Azure, hand tracking, full body tracking. We make solutions for professional goggles connected to super-efficient PCs as well as for wireless goggles and even mobile phones.

Our platforms offer spaces where many people can be present at once, from different locations, and provide scalability. When your needs grow – we can quickly adapt by freely expanding the infrastructure in the cloud.


We understand that certain clients are ready to venture out to the XR/VR realm and use the newest trends without a clear understanding of the role which XR/VR technology can play in their business.

This is fully understandable as the XR/VR technology quite fast enters the mainstream’s attention and its application to business may not be obvious. For those reasons, our team of experts with deep knowledge in the technical and business side of XR/VR is here for you. We have the capacity to analyze the business model of your company and design a strategic plan involving cutting-edge XR/VR technology that fits your company’s needs.

Our goal is not only to enchant your business partners but to create a solution that has the best chance of translating into better numbers.

The reality we create is virtual, the benefits it brings are real.